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On the edge of nature. Filmed in Canada for TAYA chain.

From boreal-forest paths to precipitous cliffs, British Columbia offers the chance to mountain-bike through pristine terrain, constantly on the edge of nature.

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A e-MTB ride in Provence

Electric mountain bikes are hot topics these days, they enable more people to enjoy the fun of riding bikes on and off the road.

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Inside TAYA’s factory by Vélo Vert magazine

“I am immediately attracted by the huge network of chains. Right now, I draw a parallel with electric train networks. Fascinating!” Thibault Simon’s article in French MTB magazine Vélo Vert, provides important insights into TAYA’s manufacturing process and care for details.

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TAYA 12 speed chain tested by

“With a similar price (the manufacturer’s price is 65 euros) than other chains and a longer life expectancy, Taya has a beautiful future in 1×12 systems.”

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TAYA Chain – 2018 catalogue

Above all, the new catalogue needed to give a feeling of continuity with what TAYA had done in the past, yet send a message of thorough renewal. Hopefully we’ve achieved this. Don ‘t miss the cool Chain Configurator we designed on a double page spread.

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First Impressions & Actual Weights: microSHIFT Centos 11 road bike group By Tyler Benedict /

The Microshift Centos 11 is billed as sitting between Shimano 105 and Ultegra, with the Arsis 11 group sitting above it as their Ultegra/Dura-Ace competitor. They don’t make cranksets or brakes, so we received the shifter levers, derailleurs and cassette to test, along with one of Taya’s best chains. Here’s how it came together on…

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