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TAYA’S roller-less chain ONZE-117 reviewed by Le Cycle magazine in France

As Le Cycle magazine found out, “There are very few differences in terms of operation compared to the original group chain; on the other hand, the Taya ONZE-117 offers very interesting perspectives in terms of weight, durability and maintenance.” (Click here to read the full article in French)    

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TAYA 12 speed chain tested by

“With a similar price (the manufacturer’s price is 65 euros) than other chains and a longer life expectancy, Taya has a beautiful future in 1×12 systems.”

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Cyclosport magazine in France reviews microSHIFT’s Centos 11 groupset

“We tested this group on the roads of the Landes coast where the ocean air is deemed pitiless for bike gear.

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Bikeboard magazine in Poland was impressed by the KS LEVCi

The folks at Bikeboard magazine were impressed by the all-new LEV Ci. 

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Espigão de selim – Bike magazine Portugal has a first look at the KS LEV Ci.

More and more mountain bike magazines around the world are fitting the KS LEV Ci on their test bike.

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4Granfondo reviews the microSHIFT Centos11

“Preciso, sostanzioso ed efficiente” this is how 4Granfondo magazine describes the microSHIFT Centos 11 group set

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The LEVCi tested by 4MTBIKE magazine in Italy

” Capace di convincere i biker più scettici…” A three page report for this in-depth test in the latest issue of 4MTBIKE magazine in Italy.

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Vélo Tout Terrain reviews the LEV Ci 65mm

The September issue of Vélo Tout Terrain Magazine in France features the LEVCi in its 65mm travel version. Check it out

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First Impressions & Actual Weights: microSHIFT Centos 11 road bike group By Tyler Benedict /

The Microshift Centos 11 is billed as sitting between Shimano 105 and Ultegra, with the Arsis 11 group sitting above it as their Ultegra/Dura-Ace competitor. They don’t make cranksets or brakes, so we received the shifter levers, derailleurs and cassette to test, along with one of Taya’s best chains. Here’s how it came together on…

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