3D video: introducing the ground-breaking ROLLERLRESS SERIES for TAYA Chain

Bicycle chains have been made the same way pretty much since they were invented. Until now. With the ROLLERLESS SERIES,TAYA have boldly removed the rollers from the chain meaning there are only three parts to a chain. This unique construction brings a whole range of benefits to the ROLLERLESS SERIES resulting in a lighter, quieter, longer-lasting, more efficient chain.

The newly shaped outer chamfer on the plates reduces friction. Hence there is greater wear resistance on both the chain and the other drive train components, and a smoother ride. It gives a longer-lasting chain: more miles on the same chain, more time riding.

The machining of the inner chamfer gives precise shifting again and again. Consistent performance throughout the whole life of the chain, not just when new. Forget what the chain is doing and concentrate on the riding.

Both inner and outer plates have been designed to hold lubrication in a reservoir inside the chain where it matters. It’s less messy and more efficient. Because the lubrication is inside, fewer contaminants can stick to the oil and there is less wear from abrasion. Maintenance intervals become longer meaning more time on the bike.

The 360° riveted pin is the third part of the chain, holding the plates together. It is heavy duty and provides exceptional durability. Another key factor in the longer life span and overall strength of the chain. Fewer worries about the chain breaking under strain.

TAYA’s Diamond Hard Technology (DHT) increases the surface hardness of the chain by up to 25% and massively decreases elongation. It’s a thermochemical surface treatment that penetrates further into the chain than other technologies so the chain can deal with the high torque of a rider at top effort. The decreased elongation means thousands more kilometres to be ridden before replacement.

Cutting out the rollers in the construction means cutting out the weight as well. It’s a weight weenie’s dream come true.

TAYA chains are made by TAYA from start to finish in their state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan. There is full control of the process from raw materials to completed product. No waiting for other suppliers abroad, just efficient processing to the highest standards. Quality control is built in from the beginning, just as it has been for over 50 years.

The ROLLERLESS SERIES is at the cutting edge of innovation. It’s long-lasting, hard wearing, lighter and quieter.

Innovation has been part of TAYA’s production process since day one, taking what is accepted and making it better bit by bit, resulting now in the revolutionary ROLLERLESS SERIES. Available in 11 and 12 speeds.



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